I have worked in the health and care sector for around 20 years. I have worked my way from a care worker to successfully managing my own services. The best parts by far are building relationships and seeing my efforts make a positive difference to an individuals life.  I have enjoyed the challenges it greets me with and also learning from the constant changes that come about from services needing to be up-to-date and compliant with the latest care standards set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). 

Independent care advice

Assistance to navigate the maze of the health and social care sector

The best care solution for people in their later years

Stress-reducing, reliable support and direction  


Bespoke advice service to provide guidance relative to your loved one’s circumstances

Care search to provide appropriate care service details ie CQC rating, cost, prospect of service to meet your loved one’s needs

EDCC Services

Finding the best care solution for yourself or loved one is a stressful and emotional time because there is so much to research, consider, weigh up...you have appointments to fit in with current life commitments...conversations that carry a lot of weight, funding to consider...all in what may seem in a short space of time and all for one of the biggest life-changes you'll have to face in your later years. EDCC can help you through the process; whether you'd like a chat to figure out your next steps or whether you'd like me to do the leg work I am here to help in a way that suits you.

I offer an initial consultation to enable you to find a way totake your next steps in your care search.

The most popular service I offer is the telephone consultation and care search where we arrange a time to discuss your circumstances to allow me to find out exactly what you need. I will then go on to search for the best care solution for you.

If you would prefer I can come out to meet you and I can take the care search from there. As per the telephone consultation, I would provide a report of the most fitting services I have found for you to pursue.

If you wish I can scoop up the whole process of contacting services and pursuing them while you remain confident that an experienced person is working in your best interests.